WHAT IS Imblock


This is a block-chain development company that was established in Singapore in 2013.
We have developed various platforms using block chains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and supplied the block chains to many companies.
We also manufactured a financial P2P trading platform and delivered it to many financial companies and developed the P2P platform for real estate transactions.
As the block chain entered our lives deeply, we developed a variety of technologies and solutions.
We are also working on the technology development of the IMDEX Exchange, the IMNEX Exchange, and ETHERBANK, which is launching in a larger market.
There will be more progress in the future.

  • Imdex
  • Etherbank
  • Imnex

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Fiat Options
Through branches and banking partners in several countries we can offer options for deposits and withdrawals through various local currencies.
Multiple Currency Pairs
Imblock offers hundreds of pairs of cryptocurrencies with the lowest rates on the market. In addition, we offer a large number of crypto-fiat trading pairs.
Imblock guarantees the highest security level with 256 bit encryption, the same used in large banks.

Introdution of IMDEX

The IMDEX exchange is a decentralised exchange that uses the source technology of the block chain. It has been developed so that transactions can be made in a hybrid manner using P2P technology.
By doing so, faster transmissions and shorter transaction times.IMDEX will distribute 80 % of its revenue to users and will always show the best service and technology. The IMDEX exchange will do its best to list promising and popular tokens faster than anyone else, making them easier to trade.There will be more progress in the future.

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Rounds of Sale

of Tokens 

We started selling token ICO on July 10th 2018 


By buying our tokens you become a shareholder of our company which
gives you rights to receive daily share in the company’s profits.

Introdution of IMNEX

The IMNEX exchange will be our first central exchange to open in Korea. We are currently developing technology and will meet our exchange soon.

IMNEX is a branch that can trade ETH, NEO and EOS, and will be a branch that will feature POS capabilities in the future.Additionally, price forecasting services using the IMDX token will be implemented and stops will be installed to maximize investor losses.It will also increase the ratio of cold roads to 95 percent to ensure that investors ‘ assets are protected.


ETHERBANK is the world’s first cryptographic money asset management platform, where users store their ETHEREUM, receive a certain amount of interest each month, and EHTERBANK provides the protection of investors ‘ assets.
With this investment, the company will invest in institutional investments and growth of start-up companies and serve as an accelerator for companies that will lead the blockchain technology in the future.
Investors investing in ETHERBANK are setting up a device that will allow them to be fully notarized and protected and will be paid with the correct interest calculated.

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싱가폴의 블록체인 기술 기업 IMBLOCK(아임블록)과 국내 운영진이 공동 참여해 만든 탈중앙화 거래소 ‘IMDEX(아임덱스)’가 8월 중 테스트넷 오픈 계획을 밝혔다.


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This is a block-chain development company that was established in Singapore in 2013.
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